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Published Writings

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Scott Vander Ploeg


I'm pleased to announce that GreenPrints Magazine: "The Weeder's Digest" has accepted my CNF story, "The Eggplant Affair that Wasn't" for publication later this year {and have paid me for my effort).  

Scott Vander Ploeg is a veteran writer of academic prose, consisting of a 348 page dissertation on reflexive self-refeerencing in the poetry of John Donne, around a dozen articles providing critical perespectives on literary works and authors, and several articles for encyclopedias and similar reference works.  In addition to these tradirional subjects, his thoughts and writings extend to popular culture phenomena, science fiction and fantasy, and contemporary writing. 


"Exit, Pursued by a Bear," a short story, Innsaei: International Journal of Creative Literature for Peace and Humanities [in archive for 1st issue, October 2020, as Featured Writer, about finding peace at the MLA conference.

(To access this story, scroll down to the bottom of the arcive and click on the featured writer link. Zoom in because the backgrond is a little distracting. )

"Seventeen Miles to Mannington" a work of CNF in Dear Booze Magazine 13 October 2020, about living in a dry county

"Depending on Douggie, in Two Scenes" a work of flash CNF, written in a Bacon, Bourbon, and Blues summer workshop, published in Potato Soup Journal October 2020 issue.


"Please Stop Explaining" in The Closed Eye Open: An Exploration of Consciousness, Ripples in the Pond project, Joseph Campbell's Hero with a Thousand Faces, February 2021

"What the Cards Reveal" in The Thinking Republic Fulcrum issue, Game-changing Ideas for a Re-imagined Future, 21 March 2021.


Art by Liam Toebbe, copyright tTR

“Vengeance By The Plate,” in Sage Soup, an essay about Franzen’s ‘Dinner of Revenge’ in The Corrections, 1 May 2021

The Wild Word, “Space Coasting," 12 April 2021. –here is a light piece about a cultural habit in a part of Florida.

Jerry Jazz Musician, “Ensemble Man,”  13 May 2021, a story about the heart of musical performance.

The Dewdrop, “I Am Not Garysomething,” an essay conversation, 10 June 2021.  –true story about a professor getting late night phone calls


The Writer’s Co-op, “Welcome to My Coffice,” 21 June 2021.  –a somewhat whimsical piece about writing in coffee-houses.

The above article also appears in Coffee People Zine, Issue 14, pages 100-101. It's in a .PDF file, so scroll down to near the end. 

The Write Launch, “His Crystallized Fingernails,”  6 July 2021. True story of events that changed my political-patriotic orientation.

 Impermanent Earth. "Fixing Troubled Waters," 26 July 2021. An essay recounting my work as a Watershed Watch volunteer. 

See below for "Why, I Write," an essay/memoir of my life as a writer. 

"Healing Literature," a story about creating a course that wedded literature and medicine, in Hektoen International Journal. 8 Oct. 2021.                                                                                                              -------------->

In the Writers' Co-op Show Case: "Verlorne Sprache: Lost Language" --off of the prompt "atrophied." 8 Oct. 2021.

"Gathering Chi," the story of my development as a Tai Chi practioner, in Fauxmoir Literary Magazine, their first issue, Winter, 21 Dec. 2021.

In Pulse: Voices​ From the Heart of Medicine, "Uncle Blindness," a prose poem for my Uncle George, 11 Feb. 2022. He has published a memoir about his blindness that I can happily recommend, Threshold to Darkness, available from here.

In The Kentucky Philological Review, "Onomastic Play in Kingsolver's Unsheltered," vol. 36, March 2022: 121-127 (an essay of literary criticism)

May, in The Gadfly, "I Am the Dreaded Snowbird," an essay about the migratory pattern of retired Americans, like me. (print only)

"Revenge Memory," (my first recollection) in Free Spirit collection, Swinging Through Childhood, June 2022. Available on Kindle ( Swinging Through Childhood: Collection of Short Stories eBook : Sonthalia, Akshay, Landau, Lee, Sampson, Vicki, DeMartino, Julianne, Chan, Danielle , Hirss, Andrew, Abbott, Kate, Rothschild, Dina, Raja, Maheswari, Vander Ploeg, Scott: Kindle Store).  Or print:

"Finding Hope in Unexpected Places," in Hope: A Space Coast Writers' Guild Anthology, published summer 2022, an essay on the power of diversity. 

In The First Line Literary Magazine, vol. 24, issue 2, summer 2022: an essay on the first line of James Joyce's short story, "Araby," from the collection, Dubliners.

                                                                 COMING SOON

In Free Spirit's story collection, Games, a D&D story titled, "The Gods Protect the Fools," date tba.

In Dreamers Creative Writing: "Me and Chi," an essay about the benefits of practicing Tai Chi. To be published later this summer. 

Accepted for publication later this year, in: The Heartland Review, "Sharing the Human Condition," a short essay.

Vander Ploeg_Checking Lit Pressure.jpg

'Dr. Vander Ploeg (Ph.D.) checks the lit pressure of the complete works of William Shakespeare published in The Riverside Shakespeare. Photo by Audrey Kon. Courtesy of the author.

Minimal Title

A few months ago, I contacted G. D. Deckard regarding an essay I was working on that might have been of use for an anthology he was proposing, consisting of stories about gamers by gamers. By this we mean the culture of gaming--video, role-playing, arcade play, even the smart phone time-wasters like Candy Crush. A less precise version appeard in the "What the Cards Reveal" CNF listed above.


Turns out that Deckard is a sci-fi author and is one of the insitigatiing editors of The Writers Co-op, where two of my works have been published in a blog-style online collection.  They are: "Welcome to My Coffice," (listed above) an essay extolling the virtues of coffee houses, and , "Why, I Write," detailing a shortened version of my development as a writer. I'm proud to be a listed writer for The Writers' Co-op.

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